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Matthew Stafford Fantasy Outlook | Quarterback Rankings 2020

By Christian Skutevik

Fantasy Dark Horse

Matthew Stafford has always had his fair share of haters, even the most die-hard of Lion's fans that I know have been itching for the Lions to get a new quarterback for years. I have never understood people's frustration with him, in fact, Stafford has been the single bright spot on the Lion's organization. Although he is no Mahomes, Wilson, or Jackson he is a gunslinger in a situation built for fantasy points.

Stafford = Stat Stud

Most people didn't realize last season that Stafford was right up there with some of the best fantasy quarterbacks. Due to injury, he played only 8 games scoring 177 fantasy points but crucially he was on pace to finish the season with 355 fantasy points which would have had him finishing just behind Lamar Jackson as the 2nd best quarterback in fantasy. Granted, the Lion's defense was awful last year and their terrible running game forced them to throw a lot making him look like the king of garbage time stats. Ultimately I don't care where those fantasy points come from as long as I trust them to keep coming. Not to mention his passer rating of 106 was better than Pat Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, and plenty more elite QBs. An efficiency mark that high tells us his stats are far from purely garbage time numbers.

He may not be the most athletic, intelligent, or accurate quarterback in the league but he carries a rocket for an arm, uses his targets well, and manages to put up baffling stats. Like for example he somehow managed to finish top 8 in Fastest Time To Throw(2.52 seconds) while also being 1st in Average Depth of Target(11.4 yards) and 2nd in Average Yards Per Attempt(8.6). Furthermore, despite the Lion's horrific running game woes last season he still managed a Play Action Passer Rating of 102.9 which was 5th best.

Before I wrap this article up I do need to take a minute to credit much of Stafford's '19 success to his stud receivers. Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones are a phenomenal set of targets to have in the passing. Golladay is an elite receiver who managed to lead the NFL in receiving TDs last season and stretched the field with his insane 18.3 yards per catch. Meanwhile, Jones is no slouch either and his 9 receiving TDs was 3rd best behind Golladay and Kupp.

Note; If you want to read more on Golladay click here.


Matthew Stafford is a veteran QB with high volume and great receivers, and last year proved that is all he needs to score big fantasy points. The best part about drafting Stafford is that his ADP has him being drafted in the 9th round as the 13th QB off the board so there is no risk in drafting him. He is my dark horse fantasy QB this season and I suggest you draft him when possible and pick him off waiver claims if someone is dumb enough to drop him.

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