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Fantasy Football Prophets

Why choose the Fantasy Football Prophets? First of all, it's free. However, there is a better reason. Take a look at large sports media outlets. With a few exceptions (such as Mel Kiper), most fantasy football analysts have a background in football reporting, though lack any serious expertise when it comes to fantasy football. The two are vastly different, and require different approaches and philosophies. This lack of understanding often is evidenced by their poor history of predictions and picks. In reality, what should mean the most, as far as reputation goes, is past performance. Check out our picks, compare them to Yahoo, ESPN, and others, and let the results speak for themselves.

Rob Skutevik

Rob Skutevik - Twenty years ago, I was invited, by friend, to my very first fantasy football league. The rest is history, as I quickly fell in love with the hobby. Throughout the years, I have been in a number of different types of leagues including PPR, dynasty, and bid leagues, ranging in size from 8 to 16 team leagues. You name it, I've done it. Early on, I realized I had a knack for the game. I developed an ability to understand the numbers and players, as well as anticipate their performances in regards to fantasy football. I was victorious in the very first league I participated in. Perhaps it was due to my ability (though, most likely due to luck), but ever since, I have been in love with the game, and have continued to deepen my passion and understanding for it.

Christian Skutevik

Christian Skutevik - I first developed my love for football when I played the sport in, and prior to, high school. This experience later translated into some coaching. However, from a young age, I developed a love for fantasy football that was largely fostered by my father. I soon learned that some of the advice from the so called "fantasy football experts" ranged from generic, to overly technical, and in some cases, downright terrible. To put it simply, I saw a problem, and set out to find a solution. It is my goal to find an easier and more accurate way to help everyone, regardless of their skill and experience, to better understand and excel at the hobby that I so much enjoy.

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